Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Polo Sedan - so far so good

It's been about 3 weeks and I'm loving it.

I've been holding on to blogging about my experience with it cos I needed to understand it more and compile more facts. But what the heck, I'm not technically learned about cars and all those technical jargon.

I'm just gonna pen my thoughts about how I find it as a driver.  A simple woman driver who doesn't know much about all the technical specifications.

First question that most people will ask me is -- WHY did you go for a VW despite ALL the complaints and negative feedback?  Their FB page is full of complaints?!

Yes, I was very sceptical at first.  In fact, VW was not in the consideration at all when I initially starting looking around.  Firstly, I never thought I'll be able to afford one.  I did check the website when my sis recommended that I should - I saw that the cheapest model was Polo Sedan selling at 99, XXX very close to 100K. It was way above my budget and the Polo Sedan didn't look cool at all!

Secondly, VW's resale value surely sucks.

So, what happened?? Why am I driving a Polo Sedan now??

It all started when my brother informed me about it's new CKD Polo Sedan offer.  It's going to be cheaper. And, my siblings stated bombarding me with the good features and advantage of a continental car vs a Japanese car.  I was very sure I liked the Ford Fiesta more.

As I mentioned in my earlier post..Fiesta is like a trendy and young hunk.  Polo Sedan is more of a matured, practical but old fashioned Uncle.  I tested Fiesta at least 3 times. I viewed the Polo Sedan 3 times, bought it after the second test drive.

How ended up buying it on that faithful day, Read HERE
Yes, typical woman purchaser.  Fickle and impulsive :D

Now, I worry about resale value, cos I still see much on the road yet.  Ooops.

There are more and more of other models though, look left right centre, you'll see either a Golf, GTI or Passat near you. So, it's a very good sign.

Service centre issues is still one of their main problems, well, I only need to service once a year, HOPEFULLY by then, there will be more service centres and staff are more well trained.

After driving it for a few weeks, I'm totally in love with my "old man". Lol...

On the second week, I drove my dad all the way to Kampar, Tualang, Ipoh and back to KL.  We were on the road for over 12 hours. Drove over 500km ( I think) Stupid me, forgot to note down the mileage before the journey.  I cannot imagine my 80 year old Dad sitting in the compact Fiesta for 12 hours lor.  He enjoyed the ride. He seemed comfortable through out.  He also commented that the ride felt safe and steady through out the drive.

Yes, the long distance drive was above excellent.  So easy to handle.  Now, I know what good Road Handling means.  Fuel consumption displayed on meter 6.2 ltr per 100km on long distance.  I pumped full tank before leaving Ipoh, it only used up half a quarter tank when I reached KL.

Consumption and ease of driving is not that good for short distance and city / housing area driving.  The display goes up to 10 / 11 litres per 100km if I drive around running errands within the city when the car requires more slowing down, and picking up speed again eg traffic lights, speed bumps, traffic jams etc. summary:

I love:

..the in car comfort, feels quite luxurios
..dashboard interior, steering, door handle, gear, look and feel nice and luxury
..Seats are comfortable
..Spacious feel for driver as well as passenger
..Sound system equipped with SD slot, USB slot, Aux slot, Bluetooth ready *grins*
..Steering is light and extremely easy to handle

Basically, there are many little things that are very user friendly.  Even the seat belt seems to be more comfortably strapped.  Less blind spots, eg side mirrors seem to have very easy viewing.  All four windows winds up and down at one touch. All four windows has snap function eg will retract when there is obstruction upon winding up.  Boot and windows can be opened via remote.

I can go and on :D

So, you get the picture..I do love my Old Man :D advice...If you mainly drive around housing areas, and your main routes has a lot of speed bumps, stops, traffic lights, this is not an ideal car for you.  It's only enjoyable when it picks up speed after the 4th gear. So, if your journey requires alot of stops and you have to start picking at 1-3rg gear all the can be very frustrating.

I was told this is due to weight of the car and Polo Sedan doesn't have a turbo function, and something about Drive By Wire.  No idea what's that yet.

In lay man term, courtesy of my brother.  Basically.the technology of continental car is different from Jap cars.  Jap cars can pick up very easily from a stop but power remains quite stagnant at 4th or 5th speed.  While continental cars pick up slow initially but changes to 5th 6th gear very quickly and the car rolls on speedily.  Which I noticed it's quite true...the car rolls effortlessly the moment it reaches 4th gear onwards, in fact sometimes it goes too fast!  That is also the reason why..fuel consumption is most efficient on highway drive.

Ok...sekian berita.

Will share more..if I think of anything else :0

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  1. Thanks for the honest review..refreshing as compared to the more 'technical' ones out there. I especially love your sharing on your dad's experience, very personal!

  2. u r welcome. It's been slightly ovr a year now. far so good :)

  3. Hello i just want to ask on the servicing of the car...whre u usually go n how much would it cost? Thanks

  4. Hi. 1st year svs was about RM400+ at Jln Ipoh Svc Ctr.

    Unfortunately, the dealer managing Jln Ipoh, CNB Auto had pulled out from the business recently.

    Service ctr has moved to Selayang under GB Auto. Just did my 2nd yr servc there, not too bad.
    Cost was RM600+ including air cond filter cost. Battery was changed but under warranty.

    Overall, still happy with the car, apart from a slight problem with the brake disc, unfortunately it's not under warranty.