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Beggar Chicken @ Bukit Jugra, Banting

I couldn't decide if I should share the photos on Facebook, here or both. Thought I should do both but now that I'm done with Facebook, I'm so so tired liao. The hot weather is not helping too.

Lemme try to do it differently here. Less pictures but more 'real' description of our little adventure.

The above is a map from Google to point out exactly where Banting is. As you can see from the map, it is actually located in Selangor, towards the South from Kuala Lumpur, after Klang and nearer to Pulau Carey. I'm explaining this for a reason. Here's what happened prior to our journey :

Me to Felicia: Do you know where is Banting?

Felicia : Ya.

Me: Where is it ah?

Felicia : I've forgotten

(she always does this..'take us round the garden''s like saying.."i know you..but i've also forgotten who are you")

Me to Fafa & Trish : Hey..does anyone know where is Banting? Perak? Pahang?North? South?

Fafa (the organiser of the outing) : Don't know wor..I only have the direction from Kesas.

Trish : Should be in Selangor la. Somewhere after Klang.

So...our reservation was at 3pm. We left Kepong around 1.30pm...without knowing where exactly Banting is. Only info we had is a paragraph of direction Fafa copied from a magazine. And nobody bothered to look up for more info :D

Although direction says to go via Kesas, we decided to be smart and headed towards Klang via NKVE. I made it clear from the begining that my function is only to idea where Kesas nor NKVE is.

Soon..we were nearing Klang...and there were no still no sign of any Banting word on the signboards. We got abit worried and made a split second decision to detour back to Kesas via Shah Alam. LOL!

To cut it short...we did arrive to Banting eventually...via Kesas..quite clumsily :D

How's the chicken?
As mentioned in Facebook:
I wouldn't say it is excellent but worth trying at least once. At least now I know where Banting is and Bukit Jugra has quite nice peaceful surrounding. I just found out from the net that it is a paragliding site!

Cost of meal RM114.40 (4 pax) for one whole beggar chicken, herbal soup made from another whole chicken, one whole stuff fish and a plate of vege.

To prove that we were served a whole's a foot, bishop's nose and the neck.

The beggar chicken is marinated with lot's of herbs and cooked under hot charcoal ashes. Apparently, this was how beggars cook their chicken in the olden days.

Other dishes on the menu, cooked the same way are duck and pork knuckle.

Below showing "beggar" cooks @ work

Other dishes - herbal chicken soup & stuffed fish.

The total bill.

Visit their blog to find out more -

Coffee break & dessert at Pappa Rich, PJ to close off our lil adventure day :)
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